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6 Tips for planning your wedding in Crete

I would like to let you know some details so you could take the maximum advantages out of planning your wedding in Crete . It might help you to organize the perfect wedding day and even to save money!

They say in Crete”Europe is Greece, Greece is Crete and Crete is my village” or something more extreme “Look at the map, you may see that Crete is situated right in the middle of the Earth.”  No doubts, the Cretans are very proud of the role the island played in the world history. To some point the Europe was born here. The beautiful princess was kidnapped by the god of gods, Zeus, who turned into a gorgeous white bull. You might have seen this mythological episode in the painting of famous artists – Titian, Veronese, Albani, Boucher and many more.

1.Entertaining mythology


My first tip would be keep in mind that Crete is quite a mythological place. You can use legends and myth while planning your wedding in Crete. Don’t miss an opportunity to make your guests meet something different, ancient. There are many ways how to use this “mythological” part of Crete – starting from the “guest table names” and ending with a sightseeing tour as a part of pre-wedding event with your friends who probably came here from other parts of the Earth.

2. Natural beauty as wedding decoration

Second advice is to profit the natural beauty of  Crete. There is no need to spend a fortune on the wedding decoration in Crete. Hundreds picturesque intimate sites are at your disposal. It makes sense to come to Crete some months before your wedding date to visit all these alternative sites with a wedding planner and to chose your favorite.

3. Cretan food for your weddings reception

Third tip. I am sure at least once in your life you tried a Greek salad – famous sample of Greek kitchen. But the Cretan kitchen is much more divers than the menu  of touristic taverna.  Add some Cretan tastes to your wedding dinner  and you will see happy faces of your guests. Well, the Cretan kitchen seems to be simple,comparing to Italian or French, but if you manage to hire a good catering, I promise, you and your guests will get the unforgettable experience.

4. Olive oil as a best gift for your guests

Forth tip I dedicate to the olive oil which has extremely high quality in Crete. The Сretan and Peloponnese region of Kalamata are the main Greek olive oil producers. The olive oil might be expensive in your country, meanwhile in Crete the wholesale price is 4 euro/lt. In 2019 we have a new service on set – the olive oil tasting. You can join 2 hours lecture to learn everything about olive oil and to taste some sorts of it. In my opinion a bottle of Cretan olive oil is the best gift for people who traveled that far to witness your wedding day.

Check our inspirational shootings with the olive theme

5. Mind high season 

High season—typically August in Europe – will cost you dearly. Villas may ask you to buy out the entire property for seven days instead of the usual two, the prices for the hotel rooms, rental cars and most of the services are 20% higher then during other months. The booking in April, May, or October can save you a ton of cash on everything from buyout costs to flights.

6. Use local vendors

It’s absolutely clear that you  might want to bring in your own stylist, photographer or even a wedding planner.   But for other things, consider using local vendors. Not only is this a smarter choice financially, but the true beauty of having these destination weddings is being able to work with regional artisans and support the local economy 😉

Sincerely yours,

Sveta, the CWW planner


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  • Love this intimate wedding setup, created for another beautiful couple Olga and Denis. A modest orthodox chapel at the Argiroupoli village was built at the place of ancient Temple of Artemis 🏛 Two pillars - thousands years old 🤔- in the courtyard of the church sign of the breathtaking mix of times and civilizations here in Crete 🕰 Do you want your wedding ceremony take place at the historical place? 📲+306980871621 or fill the contact form at our site #weddingcrete #weddingincrete #ancientgreece #weddingplannergreece #destinationweddingplannercrete #weddingsetup #weddingdecor #orthodoxwedding #crete #argiroupoli #lappa #intimatewedding #greekislandwedding #shesaidyes #yesido #destinationweddinggreece #experience #visitgreece #welovecrete #destinationweddinggreece #cretewithinweddings #weddingvenuegreece #крит #критвнутри #свадьбанакрите #свадьбакрит #православнаяцеремониявенчания #свадьбавгреции
  • The most popular combination for the wedding decoration in Crete is olive branches and anything white - flowers, ribbons, etc 🌿 Hmmm.. I would call this wedding decor concept “defiant and provocative” though 😋😋😋 Do you love colors as Crete Within does?😍 PS that was expensive 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ but outstanding 🌟🌟🌟 #colorful #colorfulwedding #crete #weddingincrete #cretewedding #destinationweddinggreece #destinationweddingcrete #creteweddingplanner #cretewithinwedding #weddingdecor #olivetree #rainbow #greekgateaway #yesido #bridetobe #bridalflowers #engaged #couplegoals #weddinggreece #shesaidyes #weddinginspiration #крит #свадьбанакрите

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