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Wedding venue in Crete: 5 top vineyards to get married at

In this article I would like to tell you more about weddings at a vineyard in Crete. Yes, there is a strong wine culture in our island! It has been presented here for thousands years. The Cretan wines are quite good.  Next time when you will visit Crete, you should try them. My favorite are the Lyrarakis “Kotsifali” and the Dourakis “Malvasia”.

The Heraklion area has the biggest wineries in Crete. I wouldn’t recommend you the city of Heraklion as a place to stay on your holidays – it’s not that picturesque and romantic as Rethymno or Chania.  However after 20 mins car drive you will find yourselves at the beautiful region of the Central Crete, so-called “Little Tuscany”.

A list of the best wedding wineries in Crete

In my shortlist I present you 5 wineries which are particularly romantic and have the desirable amenities. Please, note this list is based on my personal opinion. It comes from my wedding planner experience which I share here with you.

Lyrarakis winery is a number One to me. The vineyard is huge  and offers  two outdoor and two indoor locations — for intimate and large wedding up to 250 guests —to celebrate your ceremony and reception.  It has a stunning view to the Asteroussa mountains.  This venue is just perfect in case if you plan your wedding in Crete at April or at the end of September-beginning October, when there is a risk of rains.

Lyrarakis winery mountain view

The Manousakis winery is one of our favorite Cretan vineyard wedding venues because it oozes rustic charm.   Located at the Chania region, it’s famous for its wines all over the country.  NOSTOS, MRS – these labels  you could meet at the fancy wine bars.  If you are keen of the rustic style and plan up 100 guests to attend your event, I would  recommend  you to check the Manousakis winery as well. 

The Dourakis winery is one of the most iconic Cretan wedding venues, with space for up to 100 guests. The Dourakis family is very cooperative, “wedding oriented” and do their best to make you feel home.  There’s no stunning view or a vineyard around, but the comforting atmosphere does its job.  The couples love to be here. Last but not the least, the winery building has an amazing old wine cellar. Please, follow the link to check some pictures that one of the couples kindly shared with us. The Dourakis winery would be a great choice for the rustic/boho wedding ceremony and reception.

Let’s back to the Heraklion region to visit the Tamiolakis (RHOUS)  and  the Diamantakis units. Both wineries are located at the famous “Little Tuscany” and provide you a stunning view to the hills and the sea. So, if you’re looking for a venue that’s both scenic and  secluded vibe, these Cretan winery wedding venues is definitely calling your name.

Some Pros of the wedding at a winery in Crete 

Marrying at a vineyard means your guests will be treated to a impressive wine list for dinner. Include tasting notes on your menu cards. You could also arrange a wine tasting for your guests as part of the wedding activities. (BTW when you buy wine from the producer, the price are very pleasant – 5-10 euros per bottle. I am talking about the quality wines).

Second, a vineyard offers a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos – the vineyard’s verdant hills, the oak barrels. Using a vineyard as a backdrop adds an extra air of outdoor elegance to the photo shoot.

Third, the wineries offer indoor and outdoor space which makes the winery an ideal wedding venue for the low-season.  With a vineyard you can also play it safe with some indoor options. The tasting room, on-site restaurant ensures you and your guests will have a great day—rain or shine.

If you want to learn more about wedding in the Cretan wineries, please, send your questions to or call to me directly +306980871621.

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