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If you want to have a wedding for two, then four (4) months could be enough for preparing an official marriage in Crete.

Two (2) months’ period is considered to be ok for planning a symbolic wedding for two as well.

Crete offers many small venues quite available even during the high season.

However, if you wish to share your wedding day with guests and you would like to book a special venue, decorate the wedding area, have an entertainment program, then we would advise you to stick with a period of 8 -16 months.

The right timing for wedding planning in Crete depends on your requests. The more details you choose, the more time will be needed to be prepared.

You could check on more tips in our blog.

Our sample wedding budget breakdowns from a 2,000€ wedding to a 40,000€ wedding.

Usually wedding with only a few guests and simple decoration have a smaller budget than a wedding of 100 guests and several decoration choices. 

Here you may see the sample of a wedding with the budget 16,000 euro. This event took place at the private venue be the sea, 30 guests. The dinner was served by the catering.

It is not necessary. We have big experience of organising weddings for couples who have never been in Crete.

Nowadays it is easy. We can discuss all details via Skype/Viber/WhatsApp and other messengers that help us to keep our clients updated about all the details of wedding organization.

Of course, we will be more than happy to meet you in person in Crete. It is always better to feel and to taste this island yourselves.

It’s a common practice that after a first meeting in Crete we can suggest some venues suitable for the couple and offer to accompany them.

We can also arrange meetings with the Cretan vendors, so the couple will know who their wedding organizers are, and feel calm and relaxed!

When it comes to the planning process there are two opposite thoughts in the bride’s head “I have no idea what I’m doing” or “I think wedding planning may be my calling. Should I quit my day job?”

Accordingly, for brides who don’t know where to start, hiring a wedding planner to help them along the way can feel like a no brainer. But for brides who are feeling like they’ve got this from the get-go or who feel like the extra help isn’t financially feasible, is spending thousands on a planner really worth the investment?

If you choose your planner wisely, it can actually end up saving you money. Here are some reasons why hiring a wedding planner

  • Planners can help with your budget constraints and legal contracts.
    We can then stretch your budget because we know what’s more important. We know what’s going to have more impact. We recently had a bride who wanted bagpipers and we just did her day of coordination so we learned that she spent over 1,000€ on five bagpipers. However, bagpipers are so loud she only needed one. We could have saved her 800€ in that small decision.
  • Planners will fight for your wedding vision and keep everything on track. In addition to helping couples with their budget and supervising sticky details like legal contracts, the most important perk of a planner is having someone who’ll fight for your wedding vision from start to finish. While many vendors tackle more than one wedding per day or per weekend, a planner is focused only on your special day and will make sure everything goes according to your unique plan.
  • Planners can keep things stress-free. From a vendor’s perspective, working with a wedding planner instead of directly with the bride or groom or their parents can keep things streamlined and stress-free.  The planners’ relationships with vendors can also cut costs.
  • Planners can get you a vendor discount. Sometimes discounts don’t appear on paper. If we call our lighting guy and on the wedding day we don’t like what he’s brought, you can be sure we’re going to have him add extra lighting at no extra charge for you. We are repeat business. Couples are not. The vendors aim to please us so we bring them more business.
  • Planners can handle ceremony to reception flipping. Full and partial planning packages aside, a day-of coordinator is ideal, if you can wing it, especially if your celebration involves complex orchestration like flipping the ceremony space in a short time period so it’s ready for the reception.
  • Planners can help you coordinate the entire day. A wedding that’s divided in multiple venues with their own coordinators may require less overall coordination. But even if a venue offers an in-house coordinator, we advise couples to remember that that person will likely only be coordinating the specific details that venue is responsible for providing, like food or the space itself. They may not be focused on helping you juggle all the little details that will make your special day so special. And juggling details is the last thing you and your fiancé want to worry about on your wedding day. Even so, full wedding planning may not be practical or even possible for everyone. Maybe you have event experience yourself, your fiancé is a whiz with spreadsheets or your budget just won’t allow it. If a couple has already booked their major vendors and only decides to consult a planner mid-way through the process, Crete Within Weddings still offers partial or customized packages that can fit your needs.

We have a few wedding planning packages which are fixed and depends on the type of ceremony, number of guests and days of celebration.   In case you don’t need full wedding organisation and you want to hire a bi-lingual wedding coordinator for a wedding day only, the price starts from 250€.

A passport. A valid residence permit. An original applicant’s birth certificate with Apostile, along with an official translation in Greek.  

Yes, of cause. If you are 18 years old, you are welcome. Here you may check the photo of a wedding ceremony at the town hall. It can be fun!

Do you want to live the wedding you’ve been dreaming of?

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  • OMG! I was going through the @crete_within_weddings archives and found this photo I made in 2010. We were crossing Crete from North to South. Photographer asked to stop to make some pictures with the sea view. And then they came 😁 It was one of the first weddings I planned in Crete . I still can remember this young couple from Moscow. I brought them and their guests to the absolutely wild south cost, to the Lygres beach. Amazing place... if you ve been there, you understand. But the road to get there ... it’s everlasting serpentine 🤭 “Sveta, when it will be over?!”- the mother of the bride cried time to time)))) I know the Cretan roads is a crazy experience , specially for the big city people ☺️ The ceremony took place at the beach and the reception was at the only taverna. No wedding decor, no wedding cakes. But the owner provided us fresh fish and 🦑 he fished by his own. It  was cool. Specially when the sun went down and our guests could see the huge stars of the southern skies ☺️ you know there was not lights at the cost - just us and the universe. I strongly believe that the wedding planner’s job is mostly to provide unforgettable memories to the couples. You travel to get married abroad to get an experience, right? #weddingplannernotes #cretewithinwedding_archives #crete #cretewelove #2010 #cretewedding #destinationweddingreece #destinationweddingplannergreece #creteweddingplanner

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