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How to choose a dress for a wedding in Greece

Hello, girls! You might know that Greece is a holidays destination country. The island of Crete is the southernmost island of Greece. It has 300 sunny days a year. Amazing statistics, isn’t it? The perfect climate of Crete allows us to organize  the outdoor event from early April till November.  Actually, for your wedding in Crete you can choose a wedding dress of any design and fabric. It all depends on the place where the wedding reception will take place.

Rimondi fontain, Old town of Rethymno, Crete
Rimondi fontain, Old town of Rethymno, Crete

Lets say you choose the venue on the beach. A beach wedding is a romantic affair. But it does require some special planning, especially when it comes to your dress. It also should  be suitable for the sand, sun and sea breeze.  So forget those heavy ball gowns and excessive trains and opt for something a little lighter and more whimsical instead.  It should also be comfortable and easy to move in it while being free from excessive embellishments and bold details.

Sandy beach Episkopi

The location of your wedding may not be the traditional choice, but that doesn’t mean you need to break every rule. A classic white wedding dress is the dream for many brides-to-be and can look seriously beautiful against a beach backdrop. To find the perfect white gown for your sandy ceremony, steer clear of overly structured and embellished designs. Not only can such dresses be uncomfortable, but they can also appear out of place. Instead, you should embrace your calm surrounding with a gown that’s breezy and beautiful. Lightweight lace and chiffon styles are especially ideal.

Check the site of one of my favorite Greek wedding designer Katya Delatola. She specializes in producing wedding dresses for Greek brides-to-be and takes into consideration the possible combination of the heat and the humidity. There are some days in July and August when the level of humidity goes high and it creates this “sauna” effect.

A model wearing Katya Delatola’s bridal dress

If your wedding will take place at the mountains, I would advice you to get a jacket for your wedding look. It can be chilly in the evening. Visit the site of the one of the famous wedding atelier in Athens.  Zolotas follows the old, even ancient, Greek wedding dress traditions and probably you would be interested to have a look to the dresses produced by the atelier. The Greek designers use lace a lot. For extra relief from the heat, select a flowing lace design without sleeves. A strapless, halter-neck, off-the-shoulder or spaghetti-strapped style will appear particularly feminine while also keeping your arms cool.

Here you can get some inspiration to check the best wedding dresses for  beach ceremonies.

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