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Vibrant intimate wedding by a swimming pool

The wedding of Vasilisa and Vlad took place the next day after the Orthodox Easter. When planning your wedding in Greece, keep in mind that there are the National Easter holidays. It takes almost a week, and most Greeks travel abroad or chose to spend time with their families rather then work.  Despite on globalization the Greeks still stick to their traditions. Sometimes it can be annoying but from the other hand all these details make Greece so special. That’s why we love the country.

Vasilisa and Vlad have chosen the Easter holidays on purpose. They visited Crete before and wanted to witness the Easter celebrations in here. We decided to meet the couple’s goal. When we started the wedding planning, we had some months ahead. 3-4 months are enough to plan an intimate wedding up to 20 guests.

Vasilisa’s inspiration was the DOLCE&GABANA advertisement campaign. “You may see the Italian family at the D&G shots,- Vasilisa said. – We would like our ceremony take place at the beautiful patio,  lost somewhere in the labyrinth  of the Old Town of Rethymno. We want a colorful set up, some bright flowers. After ceremony we would like to walk down the Rethymno streets and to have an after-wedding photo session.  I want our guests accompany us. We would be happy to make pictures together.”

Aaaaand… I am happy to share with you “the best of” from a day X of Vasilisa and Vlad. The famous wedding photographer Hanna Monika did amazing shots!




For this intimate wedding we ordered an arty cake at the pastry shop Cream Society.

Wedding bouquet and the flower compositions were created by a talented Cretan florist Maria Zembeli.

Note the best time for using peonies in the wedding decoration in Crete is from April till July.

One of the touching moments at each wedding is when a bride appears.

The couple exchanged vows and then the party has started. Three generations together!





Then the couple had a walk  down the Rethymno Old Town streets. The Cretans adore weddings and always cheer the couples with warm wishes and words. Don’t hesitate to have a wedding photo session at the public places. You will love it.


Vasilisa and Vlad, the Crete Within Weddings wishes you many happy years together! Enjoy your family journey!

Hope to meet you next year in Crete again!

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