Amazing destination ceremony in Crete

Crete within wedding created an unforgettable experience for us! We wanted to have an intimate romantic ceremony by Aegean Sea! We were both in love with the culture and exotic scenery of Greece too , so we decided to have in Greece islands. We were so lucky to found Sveta and her team to help us execute our vision flawlessly in Crete Island. She made the whole process very easy and enjoyable. She is such a professional and extremely pleasant to work with from the beginning right until the last second of our dreamy ceremony.
She is efficient, great listener and super quick to execute and plan. She was very patient with us and was super accommodating to our busy schedules and time differences (planning from 🇨🇦!). She has great vendor connections, and tries to secure the best rate for quality services for you. I would definitely recommend her to everyone for wedding, wow renewal and other romantic ceremonies on Greece Islands! She will go above and beyond to make your day special the way you always envisioned it!

Azadeh and Navid

Хочу поделиться впечатлениями от нашей волшебной свадьбы, которая прошла на острове Крит, в сентябре месяца! Наша подготовка к свадьбе началась с поиска организатора, и нам безумно повезло работать со Светланой, наши пожелания были полностью удовлетворены в рамках нашего бюджета! Светлана давала очень ценные и честные советы, благодаря ей у нас было фантастическое место церемонии, очень хороший фотограф, красивый декор, ресторан с потрясающим видом и очень вкусными блюдами, подготовлен сюрприз для гостей с оригинальной подачей алкоголя! Все было настолько организовано, то в день свадьбы мы не переживали ни о чем, всё было четко распланировано, была создана идеальная атмосфера, гостям уделили должное внимание. Так как во время подготовки мы находились в другой стране, многое для нас было сюрпризом, мы не могли заранее посмотреть место церемонии, заранее продегустировать блюда в ресторане, увидеть декор, но всё было четким попаданием, мы счастливы что доверили этот день Светлане!

Olga and Alexis

That was amazing experience! That’s why we chose the destination wedding! Οnce you are far away from home , this fact brings something special to the wedding day. There are few ingredients for success: you should know what you want and the professional who share your vision. We were lucky to meet Sveta from Crete Within Weddings who managed  to organize our wedding during the Easter Holidays in Greece!  Because of her broad outlook, expertise and outstanding communication skills the team worked perfect and our day was like a fairytale. Our special thanks to our photographer Hanna Monika and warm regards to the florist Maria!  Next year we are going to celebrate our first family anniversary again on Crete!

Vasilisa and Vlad

‘ I was speechless… I was amazed!’

I couldn’t imagine that after 7 year together I would be so emotional. Thank you, my dear husband, love of my life. Thank you, Crete Within Weddings. I won’t forget this day till our next anniversary. Next time it will be my turn to make a surprise! Tati with love!

Tati and Stavros

‘Crete, we will be back!’

The ceremony was gorgeous. Not far from the city of Rethymno, close to the sea. The venue had a stunning view! We had everything we asked for and more. Peonies, saxophone melody, wedding cake and a little angel with petals. It was soooo romantic! Sveta, thank you for introducing this beauty to our family!

Sofia and Stanislav

I believe that positive feelings would not leave us for a long time!


Sveta, thank you so much for arranging our wedding! We are so happy to have met you. The celebration was organized exactly as we wanted, and even better than we could have expected.  Crete Within Weddings realized our idea way better we could imagine.  We would like to express gratitude to our photographer Egor. I don’t know how to express my gratefulness! We want moooore!)))

Lera and Max

‘Сrete Within Weddings,’ you are the best.  Everything turned even better than in a fairy-tale.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone: designers Tamila and Natalia, photographer Anastasia, a wonderful videographers’ crew. A special acknowledgement goes to the organizer Sveta. This celebration would not happen without her assistance. You are the best.

If someone wants to get married and arrange a beautiful celebration, I would highly advise you to contact this agency – Crete Within Weddings – wedding in Greece. The words fail me when I want to express my own feelings and the feelings of our guests. We will come again in two years, we would come for the orthodox church wedding!

Anna and Denis

Wedding was perfect, everything was arranged and thought out to the last detail.

Sveta, we would like to thank you and your team for the celebration! It was so cool we could not even imagine one that is greater! The wedding was perfect – everything was arranged beforehand and thought out to the last detail! Thank you for making our celebration easy and joyful. All our guests enjoyed the ceremony.
Nastya, you’re a miracle worker! You are so easy-going, and the photos were just so beautiful. We are looking forward to the next shoot!
Anya, everything was gorgeous, thought out to the last detail. It turned out the way that we wanted. You realized all our wishes and you did even more!

Crete within weddings you are the best! Thank you.


Maria and Kirill – Moscow

We would like to express the gratitude that fills our hearts – you made our wedding exactly as we imagined, and even better!

We would like to thank Svetlana for impeccable organization, for immediate responses to my letters (there were quite a number of questions), for her sincere advice. I would like to thank Yegor for his beautiful photos, Sofia – for her good will, sincerity and generous smile.

Daria and Konstantine

This was an incredible buzz – entrusting yourself into the hands of experienced and creative people, and after that relax and enjoy the whole day.

We always knew that we were going to get married in the place where we met for the first time – on Crete! In a beautiful and hospitable land that united two worlds and two fates. And we’d pay tribute to the ancestors of Brian coming from the alpine village that is so symbolic!

We immediately took a decision which company we shall entrust the most important day in our lives, and we did not have a single doubt about this. ‘Crete Within Weddings’, undoubtedly, is the best company! I realized this when I met Svetlana. When I learnt about her occupation apart from weddings, I felt a glow of pride. A ‘director’ sounds so cool! You can’t even imagine how many different ideas were in my head. Not long before the ceremony I was like ‘why not organize it next to the seaside? Or on the beach? Fortunately, the doubts did not last long.

Beautiful Rethymnon. A gracious hotel located within a walking distance from the chapel where we lived in the most luxurious room! We really liked the vice-mayor who organized the ceremony. A very nice man who was really surprised when we said ‘yes’ (and not only ‘yes’) in Greek! Then we took a bus ride with our guests to the alpine tavern. Honestly, I was able to value the beauty created by designer Anna, but only later, when I saw the photos. I was enchanted by the groom and captivated by the whole event. Our guests later told me that everything was classy and elegant in every way. Of course, they received tiny presents – boutonnieres – carefully packed in lace! Just superb!

Thank you!

Irina and Bryan – London

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to ‘Crete Within Weddings’ for our marvelous wedding!

The sun, the sea, the family, happiness and the absence of worries – indeed, it was our day.

We would like to thank Svetlana for impeccable organization, for immediate responses to my letters (there were quite a number of questions), for her sincere advice. I would like to thank Yegor for his beautiful photos, Sofia – for her good will, sincerity and generous smile. All the team was amazing.
The scenary was amazing too. Crete in spring is georgeous. The weather was so smooth, meanwhile the snow covered the mountain tops.

We would like to express the gratitude that fills our hearts – you made our wedding exactly as we imagined, and even better!

Nina and Andrey – Saint Petersbourg

Do you want to live the wedding you’ve been dreaming of?

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Machis Kritis 152

Write us: info@cretewithinweddings.com

Tel.: (+30) 6980 871621
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  • This pic that I found going through the CWW archives, illustrates perfectly the current state of the wedding industry in Greece 😊⠀
"Hey, where's everyone?" Wedding planners and vendors are steady and waiting for the July, 1 when the tourist hotels will be open. Then we can see how it will go. I believe September&October 2020 will be 👌⠀
Meanwhile I use this "pause" to prepare a new documentary. If you follow this account you might know that I am also documentary filmmaker 😎. So far we are doing a film about Santorini, the number 1 wedding destination in Greece, for the TV-channel ARTE. The date of release is 12/08/2020 ⠀
Soon I ll flood the stories with Santorini's pictures. Normally this island is overcrowded by tourists and the prices for everything are crazy. But not in 2020 😉 #weddingingreece #weddinginsantorini #cretewithinweddings #wedding2020
  • Salt, sea, sun and NO filters! ⠀
I don't want a couple from far away to trust me blindly and usually do videos while scouting the venues. Then I send my findings to a couple to check. ⠀
Finally, making video is helpful. Specially for those brides and grooms who can't travel to Crete in advance. I believe a video gives presence. It seems to me a video helps to feel the vibes of a place a lot stronger then photos. Please share with me what impress you most - 📸 or 📹? ⠀
#Weddingvideo #weddingvibes #Crete #cretansea #weddingincrete #weddingcrete #destinationweddinggreece #destinationweddingcrete #weddingplannercrete #cretansea #engaged #couplegoals #weddingbythesea #weddingvenuecrete #nofilter #yesido #naturalcolors #saltyair #elopementgreekisland #elopementgreece ⠀
  • If I were planning my own wedding, guys, I'd choose the Thalori 🌅 ⠀
Check "Stories/Venue" to discover a fantastic spot for a wedding in Crete at the South Cost 💫⠀
#Weddingvenuecrete ⠀
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  • I liked to cross paths with the @tatiana.iplgi and Cyril's gang last summer 😎 They were very natural, groovy and wanted to get MAX from their Big Day. ⠀
They didn't give any chance for the celebrant to perform a solemn ceremony, because they were laughing all way long. The party got started early in the morning and went late September 2019 night 🤩⠀. Pics by @smitfoto ⠀
Ahhh, I miss my weddings 🥺⠀
#Cretewedding #wedding2019 ⠀
#Weddingplannercrete #destinationweddingplanneregreece⠀
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  • ⠀ ⠀
Summer can't wait 💙 ⠀
#weddingincrete #weddinggreece #weddingplannergreece #beachparty⠀
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#крит #свадьбавгреции
  • Isn't it beautiful to get this gorgeous backdrop as a part of your wedding decoration? 🌸⠀
The wedding ceremonies  with views of the mountain tops,  covered with snow, are available in Crete till end of May. ⠀
Then the sun is getting strong and makes snow melt. ⠀
Want to get more info on the unique spots with mountain views? ⠀
Call us +306980871621 or sent a request ⠀
from our site contact form 💻 www.cretewithinweddings.com ⠀
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#weddingceremonymountains #destinationweddinggreece
  • Would you like to experience a Cretan wedding? Bet you would! It's amazing event in a frame of a touristic or anthropological research. ⠀
For Cretans this is a routine. Every summer every Cretan gets an average of 10 wedding invitations. Meanwhile the Cretan wedding differs a lot for the destination weddings we perform in Crete. Some facts about the Cretan wedding:⠀
🌸 There's no goal to create smth signature. No, on the contrary, each couple follows the strict rules, established for centuries.⠀
🌸 Ceremony takes place at the church. A couple sign papers after and gets a legal Marriage Certificate.⠀
🌸 Number of guests is 500-2000 persons. The Cretan families are huge. They are connected even with those family members who live in the other part of the Earth. ⠀
🌸 The family and close friends attend the church ceremony (100-200 pers). Other guests join the event at the reception.⠀
🌸 Cretans celebrate weddings at the large venues, called "kentro". Sometimes they prefer to do it indoors (!!!) -  it's too hot outside, inside there s the A/C. ⠀
🌸 Some couples support the "old school" celebration: setting tables and the musicians in the village square.  It means the whole village is invited and no one will sleep that night.⠀
🌸 Each wedding serves a traditional set of dishes: gamopilafo first (rice with boiled lamb), Greek salad, fava, taramasalata, dolmadakia etc (Sure, you had tried these dishes in Greek taverna) The Cretans would be surprised to meet a salad with mozzarella or sushi rolls at the wedding reception. Meanwhile there's a lot of meat dishes. ⠀
🌸 Celebration lasts till early morning, under accompaniment of Cretan music.⠀
Take a look at the pictures I did last time I was at the Cretan wedding. It's quite unusal  comparing to what you can see at the wedding blogs 🤪 But I like this mess, I do like it! BTW Do you think the Cretan couples need a wedding planner? 😎  #crete #cretanwedding #weddingincrete #weddingingreece #myfatgreekwedding #greekfamily #cretantradition #greekislandwedding #greekisland #orthodoxwedding #weddingcelebration
  • I don't think the Church organization is needed to connect us to God.  People can do it directly by themselves. However the idea of Easter (Pascha as we say it in Greece) is beautiful 🌿⠀
It's the only religious holiday when I go for a mass. 2020 is an exception. ⠀
And you, do you celebrate  Easter and why?⠀
At this pic you may see the most popular chapel of Crete - Agios Nikolaos in Georgoupoli . Many, many couples chose this place for a wedding ceremony 🌸🌸🌸
#Easter2020 #πασχα #пасханакрите #eastercrete #weddingincrete #othodoxwedding #weddinggreece #weddingvenuegreece #intimatewedding #weddingplannercrete #destinationweddinggreece #weddingplannergreece #greekislandwedding #greekwedding #orthodoxtraditions #crete #georgoupoli⠀
  • Recently I was reading some wedding blogs that shared the ideas on how to adopt a wedding to online format while quarantine. ⠀
Well, it all sounds interesting... ⠀
Many fields of our lives go online. But don't we perform weddings to get together with our dearests? Could a zoom conference replace a real life format? What do you think? 🙂 ⠀
Photo by @natalia.petraki 
#weddingonline ⠀
#weddingincrete #cretewedding #destinationweddinggreece #wedding2020 #coronatime #weddingplannercrete #weddingplannergreece #couplegoals #bridetobe #yesido
  • Hey there! It's me, Sveta, your wedding planner 🌸🌸🌸 Last month was all about decisions. Due to the COVID-19 our weddings are mostly postponed to autumn 2020-spring 2021.⠀
Now I have time to tell you more about myself and wedding planning in Crete, the island I ❤️⠀ ⠀
Some facts about me that help me to be a great wedding planner:⠀
• I am international: speak 4 languages and lived at 4 different, really different countries (important to understand people needs and respect the difference of mentalities)⠀
• Born and raised in Moscow, being 1/8 Cretan (perfect mix for the service provider)⠀
• Studied event management in the Moscow State University (business approach)⠀
• Studied filmmaking 🎥 (yeah!) in the New York Film Academy (highly artistic approach)⠀
•  Was involved in wedding business as a videographer since 2005 (That's why I pay a lot of attention to the artistic approach when it's about photography and videography)⠀
•  Moved to Crete in 2008 (I planed to spend one year max here🤣🤣🤣)⠀
• Started Crete Within Weddings in 2010 after visiting the island of santorini (that was fun. Should write a book about it 🤪)
•  Made 4 documentary feature films and got nomination for the Best National film in Russia 🌟 Google it: Cardiopolitika (That's what I am doing in winter time)
•  Did 164 weddings. In Crete 😍 aaand... never been married 😆
Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you have on wedding in Crete 🤗#weddingplannergreece⠀
#cretewithinweddings_me #weddingincrete #weddingingreece #destinationweddinggreece #islandwedding #biography #destinationweddingplanner #localweddingplannercrete #yesido #bridetobe #wedding2021 #greekislandwedding #greekislandweddingplanner #weddingphotographycrete #крит #критвнутри #свадьбанакрите #организациясвадтбывгреции⠀
#instaprobel #instaspace
  • Dear Corona, come on, go away! ⠀
It's a big National Greek Holiday today 🇬🇷- 25th of March- and you didn't let people get together... Ok, we got your lessons, it's enough 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻⠀
Here at this video you may see a traditional Cretan war dance Pentozalis, it symbolizes revolution, heroism and hope. It was performed by men only. Now even me I like to dance it together with the dancers at the weddings. I call it a Cretan hardcore 💥🔥🌪⠀
These days I was writing different articles about wedding in Crete specialities. ➡️Check our blog at www.cretewithinweddings.com to learn more about the Cretan dances which can be a great part of the entertaining program at your wedding 🌟 ⠀
and be well🤗 ⠀
#pentozalis #cretandances #folkcretandance #cretanculture #march25 #weddingincrete #cretewedding #weddingplannergreece #weddingplannercrete #weddingreception #bridetobe #wedding2021 #engagedlife #cretewithinweddings #wewillsurvive
  • Don’t want to make fun of the coronavirus threat that interfered that much into our realities, but I would like to warn you - in Crete we also have a virus ‼️My statistics says that 10% of the couples who got married here, they were infected. I call it this “cretomania” 🤓 Symptoms: ☑️visit Crete every year ☑️ sometimes even in winter ☑️love Cretan food and take liters of the olive oil back home ☑️celebrate important family dates in taverns ☑️strong desire to baptize their kids and make anniversary parties in Crete only. Keep it in mind 😍 photos by @irini_koronaki_photography #baptismincrete #kidsbaptism #vowrenewals #familyanniversary #orthodoxchurch #christianity #crete #weddingincrete #weddingingreece #destinationweddinggreece #destinationweddingcrete #weddingplannercrete #happilyeverafter #couplegoals #православноекрещение #крещениенакрите #критвнутри #организациясвадьбывгреции

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