That was amazing experience! That’s why we chose the destination wedding! Οnce you are far away from home , this fact brings something special to the wedding day. There are few ingredients for success: you should know what you want and the professional who share your vision. We were lucky to meet Sveta from Crete Within Weddings who managed  to organize our wedding during the Easter Holidays in Greece!  Because of her broad outlook, expertise and outstanding communication skills the team worked perfect and our day was like a fairytale. Our special thanks to our photographer Hanna Monika and warm regards to the florist Maria!  Next year we are going to celebrate our first family anniversary again on Crete!

Vasilisa and Vlad

‘ I was speechless… I was amazed!’

I couldn’t imagine that after 7 year together I would be so emotional. Thank you, my dear husband, love of my life. Thank you, Crete Within Weddings. I won’t forget this day till our next anniversary. Next time it will be my turn to make a surprise! Tati with love!

Tati and Stavros

‘Crete, we will be back!’

The ceremony was gorgeous. Not far from the city of Rethymno, close to the sea. The venue had a stunning view! We had everything we asked for and more. Peonies, saxophone melody, wedding cake and a little angel with petals. It was soooo romantic! Sveta, thank you for introducing this beauty to our family!

Sofia and Stanislav

I believe that positive feelings would not leave us for a long time!


Sveta, thank you so much for arranging our wedding! We are so happy to have met you. The celebration was organized exactly as we wanted, and even better than we could have expected.  Crete Within Weddings realized our idea way better we could imagine.  We would like to express gratitude to our photographer Egor. I don’t know how to express my gratefulness! We want moooore!)))

Lera and Max

‘Сrete Within Weddings,’ you are the best.  Everything turned even better than in a fairy-tale.

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone: designers Tamila and Natalia, photographer Anastasia, a wonderful videographers’ crew. A special acknowledgement goes to the organizer Sveta. This celebration would not happen without her assistance. You are the best.

If someone wants to get married and arrange a beautiful celebration, I would highly advise you to contact this agency – Crete Within Weddings – wedding in Greece. The words fail me when I want to express my own feelings and the feelings of our guests. We will come again in two years, we would come for the orthodox church wedding!

Anna and Denis

Wedding was perfect, everything was arranged and thought out to the last detail.

Sveta, we would like to thank you and your team for the celebration! It was so cool we could not even imagine one that is greater! The wedding was perfect – everything was arranged beforehand and thought out to the last detail! Thank you for making our celebration easy and joyful. All our guests enjoyed the ceremony.
Nastya, you’re a miracle worker! You are so easy-going, and the photos were just so beautiful. We are looking forward to the next shoot!
Anya, everything was gorgeous, thought out to the last detail. It turned out the way that we wanted. You realized all our wishes and you did even more!

Crete within weddings you are the best! Thank you.


Maria and Kirill – Moscow

We would like to express the gratitude that fills our hearts – you made our wedding exactly as we imagined, and even better!

We would like to thank Svetlana for impeccable organization, for immediate responses to my letters (there were quite a number of questions), for her sincere advice. I would like to thank Yegor for his beautiful photos, Sofia – for her good will, sincerity and generous smile.

Daria and Konstantine

This was an incredible buzz – entrusting yourself into the hands of experienced and creative people, and after that relax and enjoy the whole day.

We always knew that we were going to get married in the place where we met for the first time – on Crete! In a beautiful and hospitable land that united two worlds and two fates. And we’d pay tribute to the ancestors of Brian coming from the alpine village that is so symbolic!

We immediately took a decision which company we shall entrust the most important day in our lives, and we did not have a single doubt about this. ‘Crete Within Weddings’, undoubtedly, is the best company! I realized this when I met Svetlana. When I learnt about her occupation apart from weddings, I felt a glow of pride. A ‘director’ sounds so cool! You can’t even imagine how many different ideas were in my head. Not long before the ceremony I was like ‘why not organize it next to the seaside? Or on the beach? Fortunately, the doubts did not last long.

Beautiful Rethymnon. A gracious hotel located within a walking distance from the chapel where we lived in the most luxurious room! We really liked the vice-mayor who organized the ceremony. A very nice man who was really surprised when we said ‘yes’ (and not only ‘yes’) in Greek! Then we took a bus ride with our guests to the alpine tavern. Honestly, I was able to value the beauty created by designer Anna, but only later, when I saw the photos. I was enchanted by the groom and captivated by the whole event. Our guests later told me that everything was classy and elegant in every way. Of course, they received tiny presents – boutonnieres – carefully packed in lace! Just superb!

Thank you!

Irina and Bryan – London

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to ‘Crete Within Weddings’ for our marvelous wedding!

The sun, the sea, the family, happiness and the absence of worries – indeed, it was our day.

We would like to thank Svetlana for impeccable organization, for immediate responses to my letters (there were quite a number of questions), for her sincere advice. I would like to thank Yegor for his beautiful photos, Sofia – for her good will, sincerity and generous smile. All the team was amazing.
The scenary was amazing too. Crete in spring is georgeous. The weather was so smooth, meanwhile the snow covered the mountain tops.

We would like to express the gratitude that fills our hearts – you made our wedding exactly as we imagined, and even better!

Nina and Andrey – Saint Petersbourg

Do you want to live the wedding you’ve been dreaming of?

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  • I always pay attention to the event decoration. When we started to do weddings in Crete in 2011, the biggest issue to me was that there were no decorators in here 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yes, there were florists, but you know, it’s not the same. The florist works with flowers only, the decorator is someone who creates the wedding with different items, sometime from “nothing” and it looks good 🌸 I invited decorators team for a seasonal work. Now in 2019 the wedding industry is getting better here in Greece. The demand made a supply 🙂 Proud for that 🤩 #cretewithinwedding_archives #weddingplannercrete #weddingincrete #weddingdecorgreece #taverndecoration #weddingreceptionatthebeach #destinationweddinggreece #greekislandswedding #weddingdecorations #beachweddingdecoration #crete #bridetobe #shesaidyes #ricepaper #simple #weddingdinnertable #greeceweddings
  • Wedding is a beginning of a big adventure. I wish to our dearest couples married in Crete to have a safe “journey”⛵️Remember your are special, you we’re blessed by the beauty of Crete⛰ Come back time to time to recover, if needed 🤗 shot by @nataliia_photography #magiccrete #cretegreece #weddingincrete #weddingingreece #weddingplannergreece #blessing #weddings2019 #cretewithinweddings #bridetobe #greekislandwedding #greekwedding #americanwedding #weddingphotographercrete #destinationweddinggreece #destinationgreekislands
  • Today people are busy with the Black Friday thing 🤪 So sorry, there’s no the Black Friday deals by @crete_within_weddings The thing is that the Black Friday is created for the massive production markets. As for us, we plan unique tailor-made events 😌 Should I declare: “Sign y the contract today and Get  25% booking discount”? It’s unreal. We exchange a lot of emails and calls with every bride before we can proceed to the contract signing. To me the wedding planning is more about building the strong relationships between a couple and a wedding planner. And after that there’s always a room for discounts and gifts 🙂 #noblackfriday #weddingplannergreece #cretewithinweddings_notes #cretegreece #weddingincrete #cretewedding #greecedestinationwedding #weddingdeal #weddinggreece #greecewedding #weddingplannercrete
  • OMG! I was going through the @crete_within_weddings archives and found this photo I made in 2010. We were crossing Crete from North to South. Photographer asked to stop to make some pictures with the sea view. And then they came 😁 It was one of the first weddings I planned in Crete . I still can remember this young couple from Moscow. I brought them and their guests to the absolutely wild south cost, to the Lygres beach. Amazing place... if you ve been there, you understand. But the road to get there ... it’s everlasting serpentine 🤭 “Sveta, when it will be over?!”- the mother of the bride cried time to time)))) I know the Cretan roads is a crazy experience , specially for the big city people ☺️ The ceremony took place at the beach and the reception was at the only taverna. No wedding decor, no wedding cakes. But the owner provided us fresh fish and 🦑 he fished by his own. It  was cool. Specially when the sun went down and our guests could see the huge stars of the southern skies ☺️ you know there was not lights at the cost - just us and the universe. I strongly believe that the wedding planner’s job is mostly to provide unforgettable memories to the couples. You travel to get married abroad to get an experience, right? #weddingplannernotes #cretewithinwedding_archives #crete #cretewelove #2010 #cretewedding #destinationweddingreece #destinationweddingplannergreece #creteweddingplanner
  • You can’t escape a wedding cake😋 If you don’t want to have a big one, there s a nice way to treat your guests with a small versions of a wedding cake.🧁🧁🧁Not many pastry-shops in Crete specialize in producing wedding cakes but some of them are really do great job combining taste and design. #weddingcake #bluewhiteweddingcake #weddingcupcakes #weddingcrete #cretewedding #weddingingreece #destinationweddinggreece #destinationweddingcrete #pastryshop
  • Exchange your “i dos” under the clear blue skies of Crete ☀️ BTW one of the reasons why we normally schedule wedding ceremonies to the late afternoon is an idea to avoid the hours when the sun light is too strong. If you want to have some pictures with blue sea, it’s better to fix a pre-wedding photo shooting in the morning. #cretegreece #crete #weddingphotographercrete #weddingincrete #weddinggreece #cretewithinweddings_advice #weddingplannergreece #weddingplannercrete #destinationweddinggreece #blueandwhitewedding #weddingarch #weddingdecoration #outdoorwedding #greekislandswedding
  • Classy White and Blue 👌 I believe it is a timeless wedding decor theme when we talk about wedding in Greece🌸 by @kentiaflcreations  #cretegreece #destinationweddinggreece #weddingingreece #weddingincrete #weddingplannercrete #weddingplannergreece #whiteandbluedecor #weddingflowers #whitebluewedding
  • One of my favorite things when planning a wedding is creating the pre-wedding photo concept. I am always happy to collaborate with open minded photographers to create the best memories 🌸 There s so many beautiful places to visit the day/day after of your wedding 😉 With Diana and Cyril we went to picturesque monastery of St.Irini, close to the village of Margarites. I love this natural arch at the church entrance. Do you? 🙂 📷 by @hannamonika #crete #weddingincrete #cretewithinweddings #cretewithinwedding_ideas #destinationweddinggreece #destinationweddingcrete #weddingplannercrete #weddingplannergreece #preweddingphoto
  • Green-white, yes! More pictures from this beautiful wedding in our blog at www.cretewithinweddings.com #lessismore #cretewithinwedding_decor #minimalismweddingdecor #weddingdecor #weddingvenuecrete #weddingplannercrete #weddingplannergreece #outdoorwedding #mediterraneanwedding
  • An alternative ring holder, created by @crete_within_weddings decorator Eugenia 🍏💡 #lessismore #apple #stivejobs📱⌚️💻 #weddingincrete #weddingcrete #ringholder
  • Tanya💜Cyril, this couple made a show every minute of their wedding day. I like this approach. No rules! If you want to surprise your guests with the “first dance” at the swimming pool, why not? coming soon 🤩 Starring @tatiana.iplgi 📸 @smitfoto #gettingcrazy #beyourself #weddingincrete #firstdance #surprise #poolparty
  • I decided to make posts about the “adults only” hotels that could be interesting for the couples who chose Crete as a wedding destination. Check details in highlights😎 @cressacorona is a brand new hotel I found in the Rethymno old town area. This one is a good combination of quality, authentic and price. I like its modern design and bed are comfy 🤗 You will definitely like to have a breakfast at the roof veranda ☕️ #honeymoonhotel #adultsonly #weddinghotel #hotel in crete

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