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Rustic wedding at the highlands

I love couples who ask for something special and tend to find their own vision of the big day. Darja and George were clear from the very beginning: ‘We want something different. The venue should be intimate and cozy”. That’s why I offered them an escape to the Cretan mountains.














The ceremony took place close by the picturesque 7oo years old chapel of Saint Irini (Agia Eirini). It has a nice ground and absolutely stunning view to Psiloritis.

Inspired by the Cretan nature, we use a lot of local herbs and textures in the wedding decoration. Since you choose Crete to be the place of your wedding celebration, why don’t put in some of its characteristics?














Oregano, rosemary, eucalyptus, thistle, olive branches and olives, of cause.


While the couple was working with the photographers, the guests were welcomed by “sfinaki” of the Cretan home-made raki. Raki helps to relax, because the day of the wedding is always emotional.


The crisps, baby-tomato and olives suit perfect to raki.The traditional Cretan music was a right accompaniment for this event.

The sun was still high. We want the guests have time to enjoy the view. The ceremony starts around 5 pm, once Darja and George have arrived.

As you may see Darja choose the blue rustic style dress.

The wedding reception took place at the Aravanes taverna, run by very hospital and nice Cretan family. You can enjoy breathtaking view to the whole valley and smell the aroma of the mountain herbs. It melts in the air.

We decided to keep the decor simple.  Less is more, as I like to say.


As far as we followed the concept of the rustic wedding, the menu included all the traditional Cretan dishes such as a Greek salad, chorta (boiled herbs), feta saganaki, lamb in oven, famous tzatziki etc. The house wine was very decent and our guests ordered more and more.

Darja and George started the alley of LOVE, the CWW initiative. Now they have their own tree in Crete and will come back to check it again in some years.


Meanwhile the guests tried their best in making the real Greek coffee. Do you know how they made it centuries before?

It takes time. To get the right Greek coffee you have to be patient. More the coffee stays in the ashes, more taste it takes.


The the Cretan night fell to the valley, the lights were on.  The big south starts were shining that bright and we could see the Milky Way.

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Photography by Hanna Monica

The design created by our gifted decorator Eleutheria Papoutsaki





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