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Orthodox wedding in the mountain chapel

Irina and Sergey are very strict and concrete persons. They both are making career in banking. At our first meeting they already knew what they would like to get in Crete. The story says that Irina and Sergey were married in the beautiful city of New York, but they did it as a grand escape. They went to New York alone and had the civil marriage there.

This time they decided to use the opportunity of the orthodox wedding and to share this important step with the nearest and dearest. Irina and Sergey have chosen the orthodox wedding in Crete knowing the old tradition of the Cretan orthodoxy. Besides they came here before for the vacations. So they  fell in love with Crete immediately.

The CWW comment: For the married couples the wedding ceremony in the church is great opportunity to feel the wedding vibes again. The blessing in the Orthodox or Catholic church is also an option.

The couple chose for staying in Crete a big hotel by sandy beach. “We want our friends to have an easy access to the beach to enjoy the Cretan warm September,” – Irina said.

The CWW comment:  Try to choose the hotels which provide special rooms for the newly-wed. Normally, these rooms are bigger the standard ones which is great for the shootings of the bride preparations.



“It was great to see her in the white wedding dress again!” – Sergey says. “When woman is wearing this dress… I don’t know, it’s moving to me. She is gentle, fragile. I want to protect her… The ceremony in the church was very important to us. We are married 2 years and thus time we want the God to  be our witness”.

The chapel of Jesus the Saver is situated not far from the famous village of Argiroupoli (Rethymno district). We have found it some years ago and we liked it a lot because of its simplicity and solitude. It has a long history behind. It was built in 12 century AD and was preserved during the Turk occupation.

Every couple should have so-called “Koubaros” – a godfather for the family. Normally it can be some of the closest friends of the bride or the groom.

“Stefana” are the important part of the orthodox church ritual. Every couple has its own stefana, because they should keep them during whole their life as a family relict. We never buy the ready “stefana”, we chose the design with the couple. It should be their choice.

In the wedding decoration in Crete we use a lot of natural materials that the island provides. And to be honest it provides a lot!



The sweetest moments –  the greetings from the friends and relatives.

Then everybody went to the Cretan tavern. “We wanted our friends to feel the spirit of Crete,” – Sergey says. – “We haven’t hesitated any moment when we were searching the place for a reception. Of cause, it should take place in the real Cretan taverna in the mountains.” The CWW was agree! That’s a right choice.

In the middle of September when the wedding took place it is always the season of pomegranates. Isn’t it a great idea to use the pomegranates as a card holder?


Also we decorated the place where guests could take their gifts away. The rustic wedding decoration looks perfect in the Cretan tavernas.

The best start for the wedding party is the cretan dances.


Yes, that was fun. Nobody could escape the big circle. Do you know why the Greeks dance in the circle always? We will explain you later. Now it’s a wedding cake time! Don’t miss it! We ordered this cake in the oldest pastry-shop in Rethymno! Yummyyyyy!


The planning and concept: Crete Within Weddings

The photographer: Hanna Monika







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