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Best places to elope in Crete

I would titled Crete “the Island of Elopements”. There are many picturesque spots with breathtaking views, and I am always confused to choose the one when a new couple order an elopement.   Most of these locations are hard to access:  it would be expensive to organize a big wedding сeremony there. If you are not up for the planning of a big wedding in Greece, head to a stunning location for an intimate affair for just the two of you. Here we elope!

Off season is great time to enjoy empty beaches in Crete!

Elopement at the beach

Choosing where to tie the knot can be a fun and exciting part of wedding planning, but it can be hard to narrow down a location. Maybe you’ve dreamt of a wedding in the mountains, or maybe you’ve hoped to recite your vows to one another overlooking a beautiful lake. But there’s one location in particular that many couples simply can’t get enough of: the beach. Having a small beach wedding is always in style: listening to the waves crash against the shore and feeling the sand between your toes all while being surrounded by close friends and family sounds like a dream come true. And for many couples who choose to have a small beach wedding, it is.

I would recommend to move to the Сretan South Cost, far away from busy tourist resorts.

All Saint’s beach. No one is around.

Here is a list of the wild South beaches you might be fall in love with: Ammoudi, Ligres , Agios Pavlos, Agiofaraggo, Kserokambos, Kedrodasos, Aspri Limni. I don’t mention Balos bay or Elafonisi beach on purpose. I would considered these popular spots only for the off-season elopement. There are too many visitors during the summer.

The Agios Pavlos dune by the evening sun.
Couple at the South cost

Another amazing location for elopement in Crete is a tiny island of Chrissi South to Crete. Probably it’s the only one cretan white sand beach with the Caribbean blue. The journey will be a nice adventure.  Go to Ierapetra to take a boat to Chrissi. It leaves around 9am – 10 am and back at 5pm-6pm.  Note: the best time to visit Chrissi is in May or October.

the island of Chrissi: Crete view
Zero photoshop

Elopement at the mountains

Cretans mountains are connected to the Greek mythology. You might have heard that the god of gods, Zeus, was born and raised in Crete. The island has such a powerful energy that you could easily believe in it. Travel to the Lefka Ori or to the Psiloritis, take a walk at the mountain valleys, breath deep and enjoy the smell of the wild herbs.

The Central Crete mountains

To reach the best spots with the stunning view you have to take cart-tracks. Don’t be scared. The local drivers know perfectly how to deal with that. For those who love extreme I offer to elope at the highest point of Crete, mount Ida. After 6 hours of climbing, you will be rewarded by the stunning 360 view.

View from the Ida top to the South
A stone chapel at the top of a mountain

My favorite destinations are the Aradena gorge (Western Crete) and the Kapetaniana village (East-South Crete).

Remote village of Kapetaniana
Kapetaniana. Sea view.

The cave monasteries are dotted around the wild rocky slopes. Ancient myths, Christianity and mysticism, mixed in a delightful cocktail. That is Crete.

Cave monastery of Saint John
Murals on the monastery wall
Inside of a cave chapel

I stubbornly promote the idea of the Full Moon Elopement at the mountains. The thing is that the full moon is super bright in July and August. It lights every detail, even small rocks and flowers. It creates a unique ambience that can’t be compared with anything else. I believe it’s one of the most romantic gift Crete can offer you.

The Full Moon over the mountains

Elopements in the olive groves

Olive tree cultivation in Crete goes back to ancient times. Even since the Roman Age, olive cultivation spread to the entire Mediterranean basin. This process actually begun on Crete.

The oldest olives were found in Zakros, (Eastern Crete) in a well and until today olive trees and orchards are considered the most characteristic element of Crete. Cretan olive oil has been recognized as the best quality olive oil for 5000 years. Olive trees played a very important role in mythology, being the symbol of peace and victory. A branch from an olive tree was the gift of Goddess Athena to the city, and it was the main reason why Athenians chose her as their patron Goddess, giving her name to the city.

Crete is covered by the olive groves from East to West. All of them are private, but we never had any difficulties to get the permission from owners.  Once you come to Crete we can take a ride together to find a right spot you would elope.

1000 years old olive tree


Elopement at the olive grove

Elopement by the ancient basilica

The Cretans converted Christianity in 1 century AD when Apostle Paul came to Crete. Since then there are countless basilicas and chapels all over the island. Some became ruins, some are in perfect conditions. When I say “perfect’ , it doesn’t mean it was renovated and freshly painted. No. You can feel the trace of passed centuries. And that makes these places strong and perfect.

Basilica of St. Paraskevi, 12 AD   
A couple in front of St. Paraskevi Basilica

Here you can see more ideas and images of elopement.

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