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Adam and Ellen: Agreco farm wedding

Agreco is the most famous wedding platform in Crete, if you google ‘Crete wedding venue’ it is the first that comes up in the search. It’s an absolute bestseller, every day couples get married here, so many photos you can see online that makes it to be such a safe choice. Couples book the venue from distance without even coming prior to visit. Agreco is supported by Agrecotel that is a well known brand, and have great marketing team behind them.

Agreco has got it all for you to have your once in a live time event in Crete – picturesque landscape, a sunset view and great food. It’s close to Rethymno and there are many hotels, boutique hotels, rooms to choose from for any budget plus your guests won’t waste time on transportation on your wedding day. In my opinion Agreco is a perfect venue for rustic events and intimate weddings. However there is on BUT if you want to dance your celebration into a night Agreco can’t facilitate that wish of yours as they have a strict time limit, all guests should leave the venue by midnight. 

Adam and Ellen, a young couple from UK, fell in love with the venue from the pictures and made their choice from afar, without visiting the venue and booking me as their wedding planner. 

It was a civil wedding and let me detour into this a little bit. Greece is a very bureaucratic country and that means a lot of paperwork. Your documents require apostille in your country prior to sending them here where they will get translated and legally stamped by a lawyer and then applied for the legal wedding, notification to a local newspaper. All this requires time, especially in Greece as working hours of public services are short and nobody is exactly in a rush with things so do not leave this till last moment. Mistakes might be made along the process like it has happened with our beautiful couple here, vice mayor during the ceremony upon asking if groom takes his bride to be his lawfully wedded called him by a different name reading from the paper. Thankfully Adam and Ellen turned out to be with a sense of humour, laughed it off corrected the vice mayor and carried on with the ceremony. That’s why me personally I prefer symbolic weddings because we have a full control and such mistakes are not possible.


Wedding Morning

Adam and Ellen chose Dyo Suites (worth checking them out: modern, exquisite, sea view)  staying and preparing in different rooms , as Adam would only meet his wife to be by the altar ( I find it very romantic ). Preparations were done in best traditions with bridesmaids and family by bride side and best men and family on the grooms side. The most touching moment was when Ellen appeared all ready to wed to her father and he got emotional. 



Ceremony and Celebration

After a morning of preparation and anticipation, bride and groom, family and guests came to witness a beautiful ceremony followed by celebration, speeches, music and dancing. 



Our wedding table decor have collected the most likes on our Instagram page . Choice of decor was in earthy colours like Agreco itself green olive, brown, matching the atmosphere and surroundings even the outfits of the guests.




And the last but not leat, one of the main highlights of the wedding was an absolute replica of Adam’s and Ellen’s cat that they have placed on top of their cake, that was just too cute.



Thank you so much Adam and Ellen choosing us to organise your absolutely fabulous wedding. Each wedding is a story, a beautiful love story. Our couples come from different lands of foreign countries, they speak different languages, have different traditions and religions but they are all united by one universal feeling of LOVE and a deep wish of celebrating it with their close and loved ones. Luckily we are here to facilitate all those dreams of yours.



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